Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brave Girls

Sex sells. And you can use a woman's body to sell everything from
aftershave to vacation spots. Advertising feeds an undercurrent that says
a woman's purpose is to entertain a man with her body. In its uglier forms,
this mindset spawns strip clubs, prostitution and human trafficking. How
do we fight evil on such a scale?

Start at the source, which is disrespect for women. And don't lose hope,
because we've made great strides. Some media outlets have actually progressed in their portrayal of girls and women. Think of your favorite animated movie from the '60s or '70s. While the heroine was noble, she was in dire straits at the climax, waiting for her prince to come. Fast forward to the 2012 movie, Brave.  Merida is a teenage girl who excels at archery and refuses to be handed off to a husband like a trophy. Brave's creators paint girls as smart, athletic, and . . . well, brave.

That's important because ideas have consequences. Discriminatory attitudes about women lead to crimes against women. But even when crimes occur, all hope is not lost. Our allies in law enforcement fight alongside us with sting operations like the one this summer that captured 150 suspected pimps and rescued 105 children from alleged sexual bondage.

Even little things aren't so little. Are you a parent who fights to protect your children from Internet sites that degrade women? If you work with children, do you point out women leaders so girls know they can serve wherever they're called by God?

This blog is called Beauty Battlefield for a reason. When we fight together for justice, we're a force to be reckoned with. Where's your battlefield?