Thursday, March 6, 2014

Me and My Alter Ego

A few posts back I said plastic surgery is okay,
 especially if it's to correct signs of aging. A
few readers claimed I was capitulating to a beauty- and youth-worshipping culture. My alter-ego and I have been hashing it out.

Me: Not all plastic surgery is bad. I would not deny corrective surgery to a child born with a facial deformity. And a woman has the right to reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Alter Ego: But a face-lift is going too far, because wrinkles and sagging skin are a normal part of aging.

Me: The fact that something is normal does not mean we must accept it. Would you say, "Old sick people should not be treated because illness is a natural part of aging"?

Alter Ego:  Not the same, because sickness means a part of the body is not functioning properly, or it has been invaded by a virus or bacteria. Sickness involves suffering. Wrinkles don't cause suffering.

Me: Speak for yourself.

Alter Ego: You're vain.

Me: Yes, I am. But unwrinkled is how God intended for us to be. Won't God restore our youthful looks in heaven?

Alter Ego: Who knows?

Me: I still say having a face-lift is a personal decision.

Alter Ego: What about other body parts? Should small-breasted women who feel inferior get boob jobs? Isn't that caving to cultural pressure?

Me: Um . . .

Alter Ego: Well? I'm waiting.

Me: That's a personal decision, too. For example, I know a woman who is six feet tall and small-breasted. She says, "I've considered a boob job, but not because I hate my breasts. I think my body would look more balanced if I had a larger bust. It's no different from buying the type of clothing that looks good on your build. Granted, surgery is more trouble than buying a new dress."

Alter Ego: Hmm. I'll have to think about that. I still say you're a hypocrite.

Me: Most definitely. But I don't think the position I'm taking in this debate is hypocritical. And you can go away now. The conversation is over.

Alter Ego: But I have more to say.

Me: You always do. Save it. I'll need something to blog about next week.

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