Wednesday, March 26, 2014


"What's the
 solution?" my friend asked. "How do we win the war against a culture that lies to women about their worth?"

Could we develop a strategy for victory on this beauty battlefield? Some women from the past would tell us, "Good luck with that. We've been fighting these battles for a few millennia. Nothing's going to change."

This battle is a part of the whole struggle between good and evil. That war will end only when a force more powerful than evil invades and conquers it. I have good reason to believe that Jesus is the invader. He has already won the war against evil via his death and resurrection. We are witnessing evil in its death throes. As we should expect, that's ugly. Both women and men suffer. But on the whole, the suffering of women is different. Seldom does a man suffer as the result of the systematic oppression of males. Women endure discrimination and brutality simply because they are female, especially in developing countries.

We witness the march of Evil. But are you paying attention to the march of Good? Especially in the West, women have more rights and a stronger voice than ever. Messages from the media are often destructive, but some are constructive. When was the last time you watched a movie climax where a helpless woman was waiting to be rescued by a man? Not in recent films. We are making progress.

What's the solution? Ultimately, the death of a Man on a cross. What's the strategy now? Keep fighting.

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